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EMAX Compressor

Airbase by Emax 2000CFM 3 PHASE 460 VOLT Refrigerated Air Dryer- EDRCF4602000

Airbase by Emax 2000CFM 3 PHASE 460 VOLT Refrigerated Air Dryer- EDRCF4602000

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Airbase by Emax 2000CFM 3 PHASE 460 VOLT Refrigerated Air Dryer:

Our EMAX air dryer stands as a pinnacle of energy-efficient systems, boasting an aluminum refrigerated air inner cooler. This innovative design meticulously sieves out solid particles as small as 0.01 micron, resulting in pristine, dry compressed air that not only slashes maintenance and repair needs but also significantly curtails internal dryer contamination. Our meticulous craftsmanship extends to the incorporation of non-corrosive inner and after coolers, guaranteeing extended durability.

At the core of our dryers is a stainless steel heat exchanger, optimizing heat transfer for increased dryer lifespan and reduced maintenance requirements. EMAX Air dryers bear the UL-CSA approval, a testament to their efficiency and durability. They're thoughtfully engineered with an adjustable hot bypass mechanism, ensuring seamless dryer functionality across low and high CFM flow scenarios, thereby safeguarding against dryer freeze-up.

Bid farewell to concerns over water, oil, and dirt infiltrating your compressed air. Our dryer's energy-efficient aluminum refrigerated air cooling system not only performs with exceptional efficiency but also combats corrosion, safeguarding the lifespan of your pipes and tools while maintaining a spotless appearance.

Key Highlights:

  • Efficiently purifies compressed air through moisture condensation
  • Auto drain system eliminates daily maintenance hassles
  • Clear refrigerant pressure gauge monitors dew point performance (for models under 400 CFM)
  • Equipped with a PLC Display (for models 400 CFM & above) for enhanced control
  • Outlet air baffle heater prevents condensation along outlet air piping
  • Sturdy steel cabinet ensures durability
  • Seamless operation facilitated by the refrigerated air inlet inner cooler, even during high-temperature scenarios
  • Top-mounted condenser and fan motor design
  • Utilizes an environmentally-friendly 134A refrigerant
  • Features an Auto Drain System and Refrigerant Pressure Gauge
  • Prioritizes system efficiency with Outlet Air Baffle Heater


  • Purifies compressed air by chilling to condense moisture
  • Condensate is drained carrying oil & dirt partials away from the air
  • Auto drain system – eliminates the need for daily maintenance
  • Refrigerant pressure – gauge clearly monitors performance of dew point temp (models under 400 CFM)
  • PLC Display (models 400 CFM & above)
  • Outlet air baffle heater –  prevents condensation on outlet air piping
  • Heavy duty steel cabinet
  • Trouble free operation refrigerated air inlet inner cooler for high temp cooling
  • Top mounted condenser & fan motor
  • Environmentally friendly 134A refrigerant
  • Auto Drain System
  • Refrigerant Pressure Gauge
  • Outlet Air Baffle Heater


Attribute Value
Dryer CFM 2000
Dryer Dimensions 55" x 43" x 76"
Dryer Weight 1531
Refrigerant Type 134a
Dryer Drain Type Built-in automatic
Filtration Built-in Coalescing Filter
Dew Point 37-50
Dryer Pipe Size DN100 Flange
Max Rated Inlet Temp 150
Max Ambient Temp 120
Full Load Amps 21
Amp Draw 35
Hertz 60
Phase 3 Phase
Dryer Voltage 460
Refrigerant Amount Ounces 705 OZ
Noise Level 70 DBA
Normal Working Pressure PSI 100
Max Pressure 230
Auto Drain Timer Cycle Every 5 Min / 5 Second drain
Superheat of Thermostatic Expansion Valve 41 F - 50 F
Evaporating Pressure 29.7 PSI
Fan Pressure Switch 130 - 174 PSI
Security High Pressure Switch 162.5 PSI
Security Low Pressure Switch 23.2 PSI
Refrigerant Temp. Switch 113 F
Water Flow Valve 159.5 PSI
Freight Class 70
Shipping Dimensions 48" x 60" x 75"
Shipping Weight 1480

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