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EMAX Compressor

Airbase by Emax 575CFM 3 PHASE 230 VOLT Refrigerated Air Dryer- EDRCF2300575

Airbase by Emax 575CFM 3 PHASE 230 VOLT Refrigerated Air Dryer- EDRCF2300575

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Introducing the EMAX EDRCF2300575 Refrigerated Air Dryer, delivering an impressive 575 CFM capacity while operating on a reliable 230 Volt Three Phase power supply. This advanced dryer employs a unique process of chilling to effectively condense moisture from the compressed air, ensuring superior air quality.

Key Features and Advantages of the EDRCF2300575:

  • Efficiently purifies compressed air through moisture condensation
  • Automatic drain system eliminates the need for daily maintenance
  • Monitors dew point temperature performance with a refrigerant pressure gauge (models under 400 CFM)
  • Enhanced by a PLC Display (models 400 CFM & above)
  • Outlet air baffle heater prevents condensation along outlet air piping
  • Sturdy steel cabinet ensures durable operation
  • Trouble-free functionality with a refrigerated air inlet inner cooler for high-temperature cooling
  • Top-mounted condenser and fan motor design
  • Utilizes environmentally-friendly R134A refrigerant

The EMAX air dryer stands out as an energy-efficient solution, boasting an aluminum refrigerated air inner cooler. This technology efficiently filters out solid particles as small as 0.01 micron, providing clean, dry compressed air that reduces maintenance and internal contamination. EMAX has engineered these dryers with non-corrosive inner and after coolers, further extending their lifespan. The stainless steel heat exchanger enhances durability and reduces maintenance requirements. Additionally, EMAX Air dryers are UL-CSA approved, showcasing their high efficiency and durability. The adjustable hot bypass ensures complete dryer function in low and high CFM flow, preventing the risk of dryer freeze-up.

EDRCF2300575 Specifications:

  • Capacity of up to 575 CFM
  • Suitable for inlet temperatures of up to 140 degrees
  • Maximum ambient temperature of 122 degrees
  • Utilizes R134a Refrigerant
  • Achieves a dew point range of 37 - 50 degrees
  • Equipped with 3-inch connections
  • Powered by a 230 Volt Three Phase supply
  • Comes with a built-in Coalescing Filter and Auto Drain for added convenience.


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