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EMAX Compressor

Hulk HI07V080Y1S / HS07V080Y1 E350 Series- Silent Air 7.5HP 2 stage 80 Gallon Piston Air Compressor by EMAX

Hulk HI07V080Y1S / HS07V080Y1 E350 Series- Silent Air 7.5HP 2 stage 80 Gallon Piston Air Compressor by EMAX

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Introducing the New Hulk by EMAX Compressor Stationary Industrial Compressor Line!

  • With over 38 years of experience, EMAX delivers the best quality compressors with the latest technology for overwhelming performance.
  • Designed to meet the needs of demanding environments such as Jobsites, Garages, and Shops.
  • All products are designed with exacting tolerance and specifications to ensure extreme performance.

Hulk Industrial Series: Quality and Durability Without Extra Cost

  • Offers the same quality and durability as the Plus series without the added cost of extra features.
  • Affordable option for a superior quality EMAX Compressor.

Industrial Hulk 7.5 HP 2 Stage 1 Phase Vertical 80 Gallon Piston Air Compressor

  • Designed for up to 50,000 hours industrial use with proper maintenance.
  • Low RPM pumps for quiet operation and long-lasting performance.
  • Delivers 26 CFM @ 100 PSI.

Durable Pump Design

  • Solid cast iron crankcase for stable crankshaft alignment and heavy workload handling.
  • Quiet and efficient operation.

Built-In Condor Starter and Pressure Switch

  • Prewired condor starter and pressure switch in one unit.
  • Adjustable pressure settings.

USA-Made ASME Compliant Air Tank

  • Manufactured in the USA.
  • ASME code compliant in all 50 states, including California.

Quality Controls & Components

  • 100% brass check valves with Teflon seating for reduced tank noise and insulation against valve noise.
  • 100% brass ASME safety valves preset for correct settings.
  • High-quality plumbing fittings and brass ball valves for proper sealing and control.
  • Extended tank water drain pipe for easy draining.

Motor Pulley and Belts

  • Dual 2-groove, B-Style belts for smooth and quiet operation, ensuring long belt life.
  • Taper lock style 2-groove pulleys for secure attachment to motor shaft.

4-Year Warranty

  • Reflects confidence in the product's quality, support, and service commitment.

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Compressor Details
CFM @ 100 PSI 26
Compressor Stage Two
Pump RPM 800
Pump Material Solid Cast Iron
Motor RPM 1750
Motor Phase Single
Voltage Available 230
Tank Size 80 Gallon
Tank Orientation Vertical
Tank Outlet Size 3/4"
Tank Drain Manual
Certifications ASME
Warranty 1 Year Standard, 4 Year Extended
Max PSI 175
Drive Type Belt Driven
Tank Size 80 Gallon

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