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XPOWER 8DHC25 Extra Flexible 8" Diameter 25 Ft Ventilation PVC Duct Hose with Carrier

XPOWER 8DHC25 Extra Flexible 8" Diameter 25 Ft Ventilation PVC Duct Hose with Carrier

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Duct Hose Carrier for X-8 Ventilator Fan with 25 Ft. Long Polyester Ducting Hose

Enhance the convenience of your XPOWER X-8 Confined Space Ventilator Fan with this versatile duct hose carrier and ducting hose combo. Designed for various industrial, residential, and construction applications, this combo simplifies transportation and setup. The carrier easily attaches to the X-8 using latches and features a sturdy balanced base design, ensuring secure handling. It also provides reliable protection for the ducting hose during transport and storage.

Included in the combo is the XPOWER 25 ft. ducting hose, a robust PVC vinyl-coated polyester fabric hose. Its exterior is reinforced with a black PVC strip, effectively resisting damage caused by dragging. The 8-inch diameter hose is equipped with an integrated spring steel wire support coil, allowing flexibility for expansion, compression, and angled turns. With this durable and flexible hose, you can efficiently channel airflow where it's needed most.

Experience hassle-free mobility and superior performance with the Duct Hose Carrier for X-8 and the accompanying 25 ft. Polyester Ducting Hose. Streamline your ventilation tasks and ensure reliable airflow in any confined space.


  • Compatible with the XPOWER X-8 Confined Space Ventilator Fan
  • Ducting hose combo makes transportation, storage, and set up a breeze
  • Great for heating, air conditioning, dehumidification, blower, ventilation, and exhaust jobs
  • Ideal for use in a variety of industrial, residential, and construction applications
  • Spring steel wire helix resists collapse under negative pressure
  • Black reinforcement strips covering wire ensure long service life


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