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XPOWER 900 CFM, Variable Speed, 11" Brushless DC Motor Rechargeable Cordless Misting Fan & Air Circulator with Tilt Feature (PP) FM-65B FM-65WB

XPOWER 900 CFM, Variable Speed, 11" Brushless DC Motor Rechargeable Cordless Misting Fan & Air Circulator with Tilt Feature (PP) FM-65B FM-65WB

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XPOWER's FM-65B misting fan is the ultimate solution for power, portability, and versatility, allowing you to beat the heat all year round. With its rechargeable battery, there's no need for an outlet, offering convenient cooling wherever you go. Say goodbye to summer discomfort and welcome XPOWER's FM-65B commercial outdoor misting fan, designed to keep you cool while maintaining control over your ambient temperature and keeping dust, pollen, and flying insects at bay. Whether for outdoor use or indoor drying and air circulation, this misting fan combines wide coverage with portability for various applications.

Experience maximum outdoor comfort by simply plugging in and connecting the mister to a standard garden hose. Instantly reduce ambient temperatures with ease and convenience. With multiple speeds and adjustable angles, XPOWER's misting fans provide effective cooling for both large and small spaces. Safety, durability, and longevity are ensured in their design.

The FM-65B offers all the features you need. It comes with a built-in rechargeable battery, delivering a high airflow capacity of 900 CFM. Additionally, it features a USB port for recharging your other devices. Its compact yet rugged design, three adjustable speeds, and 145° rotational angle positions make it an excellent general-purpose mister. The sealed motor protects the fan from water and debris.

Whether you require temporary cooling for patios, sporting events, outdoor dining, camping trips, or long-term, large-scale coverage for heat-stressed industrial locations, greenhouses, livestock, equestrian facilities, poultry production, or county fairs, XPOWER's misting fans are the ideal choice. Enjoy cooling off anytime and anywhere with XPOWER.

Key features:
Ultimate misting solution: Lowers ambient temperatures while keeping dust, pollen, and flying insects away.
Powerful and effective: Produces high-capacity airflow of 900 CFM with adjustable speeds and tilt for broader coverage, powered by a rechargeable battery.
Convenient and portable: Small, lightweight, and rugged design with a sealed motor for protection against water and debris. Connects easily to a standard garden hose.
Multipurpose: Suitable for outdoor misting or indoor use as a whole room air circulator for cooling and ventilation.
Safety and service standards: ETL/CETL safety certified, meets OSHA requirements, and includes a 1-year limited warranty. XPOWER's California-based customer service team provides comprehensive support for a first-class customer experience.
No water refills: Standard garden hose connection for extended use.
Protection: Inline GFCI protection built-in for safety against accidental shock.
Durability: Features a sealed motor to protect against contaminants and water damage.
Convenience: Grab-N-Go handle and wrap-around power cord design.
Ideal for use: Perfect for cooling down patios, pool areas, picnics, outdoor activities, gardens, and greenhouses to keep plants healthy.

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