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XPOWER FC-100 1100 CFM 4 Speed Portable Multipurpose 11" Pro Whole Room Air Circulator Utility Fan

XPOWER FC-100 1100 CFM 4 Speed Portable Multipurpose 11" Pro Whole Room Air Circulator Utility Fan

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XPOWER FC-100 1100 CFM 4 Speed Portable Multipurpose 11" Pro Whole Room Air Circulator Utility Fan
69 Watts, 1100 CFM, 0.6 Amps, 4 Speeds Multipurpose 11" Diameter Air Circulator with 3-Hour Timer
Have you considered an extra powerful utility fan for your home, workshop, or office? This soon-to-be standard appliance offers incredible value compared to the familiar house fan, and you may be surprised by what the XPOWER FC-100 air circulator utility fan can do. Imagine yourself at work or just relaxing, the temperature is just right, and even feels subtly energizing.

By creating a focused and extended airflow, these fans channel a strong airstream, in any direction, and over a long distance. It's all due to a powerful high-torque induction motor, our unique spiral grill, and our exclusive fan blade technology. You can aim it up to circulate rising warm air evenly and reduce heating costs, or straight down or at a wall to create the perfect type of air circulation to cool things down.

Don’t let the size of the FC-100 fool you - This tool is a powerhouse. At just 11 inches in diameter and weighing less than 10 lbs, the FC-100 provides 1100 CFM rated airflow and only draws a maximum of 0.6 Amps. With 4 speeds and a 360° rotation, you have full control over the power and direction of your airflow.

At XPOWER, our mission is to bring you the best air circulators on the market. If you're looking for something for your home or office, the FC-100 and FC-200 are designed with you in mind. For the garage or workshop, the FC-300 and FC-420 offer even more power. The rechargeable battery-powered FC-125B and FC-150B can be used outdoors, even when a power supply isn't.
Ideal for use in offices, classrooms, workshops, warehouses, stores and various commercial or residential spaces that require powerful air circulation
XPOWER’s advanced high torque motor provides a focused and extended airflow to create a complete and continuous whole-room air circulation
Rugged rack/stand for a full 360 degree multidirectional airflow for many applications
Maximized energy efficiency with a rated 1100 CFM while only drawing 0.6 Amps
Unique spiral grill and deep-pitched blade design provide air upwards to 120 Ft.
Option of Always-On setting or utilize the 3-hour Set-N-Forget timer
4 adjustable speeds, quiet operation at the lowest speeds
Heavy duty housing with lightweight and compact design
Fully assembled, low maintenance and easy operation
Easy portability with Grab-N-Go handle and wrap-around cord design
Stackable up to 6 units high for easy storage and transportation
ETL/CETL safety certified and meets OSHA safety requirements
Manufacturer's 1 Year Limited Warranty

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