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Temp-Air Airrex

TEMP-AIR Airrex Axial Fan AF-2300 Air Mover

TEMP-AIR Airrex Axial Fan AF-2300 Air Mover

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Airrex AF-2300 air movers offer a highly efficient and portable solution for rapid drying. With its remarkably low ampere draw of just 1.4 amps, this unit can be conveniently plugged into a single 15 amp circuit without overwhelming power resources.

Designed to tackle even the most challenging drying tasks, the Airrex AF-2300 boasts four different operating positions. This flexibility allows you to optimize airflow direction and target specific areas for maximum drying effectiveness.

Experience the convenience and exceptional performance of the Airrex AF-2300 air mover, the ideal choice for efficient and versatile drying solutions.

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