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AllerAir MobileAir Car Air Purifier

AllerAir MobileAir Car Air Purifier

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Carbon Filter Blend

Do you worry about inhaling harmful pollutants during your travels? The AllerAir MobileAir air purifier is designed to eliminate chemicals, gases, unpleasant odors, and particles from your mode of transportation. This device can be easily attached under the seat, in the trunk area (in open-style vehicles), or in your preferred location using the provided straps. Its 2 lb. activated carbon cartridge, the largest available for a car unit, and 4 Super HEPA particle wrap filters offer superior filtration compared to the factory-installed air purifiers, ensuring that a wider range of hazardous pollutants is removed.

The AllerAir MobileAir Car Air Purifier utilizes natural Activated Carbon to effectively filter out harmful chemicals, unlike other vehicle air purifiers that use negative ion or electrostatic technologies which can produce ozone.

The AllerAir MobileAir vehicle air purifier is highly efficient in cleaning the air of dangerous chemicals and VOCs that are emitted from new car materials, traffic pollution, and air pollution.

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  • 2 lbs activated carbon cartridge, largest available for car unit.
  • 4 Super HEPA particle wrap filters.
  • Sony brushless fan motor and a 12V car plug adapter.
  • Secure-fit straps to ensure proper unit placement.


  • Long-distance truck drivers
  • Drivers for ride-hailing companies like Uber, Lyft and taxi drivers
  • Sales representatives who work while traveling
  • Police officers and other law enforcement personnel
  • Operators of large machinery and heavy equipment

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