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AlorAir Sentinel SLGR 1400X Dehumidifier - 140 PPD

AlorAir Sentinel SLGR 1400X Dehumidifier - 140 PPD

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The SLGR 1400X has revolutionized the remediation industry with its revolutionary drying function. It removes 140 pints per day and covers up to 3800 Sq. Ft, making it ideal for water damage emergencies. In addition, the rugged, corrosion-resistant metal housing stands up to any harsh work environment. Equipped with movable casters and a metal handle, it's designed to perform dehumidification work in the most mobile way possible.  

Highlights:  Remote control/ Automatic defrosting system/Heavy-duty condensate pump/Remote humidistat feature

AlorAir Sentinel SLGR 1400X Commercial-Grade Dehumidifier
This particular unit is built to withstand the most demanding and toughest restoration jobs. It is equipped with two 8” recessed wheels, hemmed metal edges, chamfered corners, and a heavy-duty condensate pump with a 14.7 ft lifting distance that provides an optimum draining capability without having to manually empty the tank. Its hinged lid swings are also made to enable easy filter maintenance. Moreover, with its user-friendly digital control panel and ability to perform powerful dehumidification with the least electrical consumption, many experts have been opting to buy this along with all other SLGR dehumidifiers here at AlorAir.

Remarkably passing through the most meticulous quality tests, the AlorAir Sentinel SLGR 1400X Commercial-Grade Dehumidifier, is one of the most sought-after commercial-grade dehumidifiers in the cleaning and restoration industry. While it is suitable for both residential and commercial purposes, much more experts have been purchasing this unit for their own businesses. It is user-friendly, cost-effective, and remarkably durable.

Benefits of the AlorAir Sentinel SLGR 1400X Dehumidifier:

  1. Protection from Diseases – Environments with high humidity harbor harmful microorganisms that can cause allergies, skin irritations, respiratory illnesses, and immune-related diseases. Mosquitoes, which thrive in humid places, can also transmit dangerous diseases. Using a dehumidifier effectively prevents the growth and damaging effects of these harmful organisms.

  2. Economical and Cost-Effective – Investing in a dehumidifier is a smart financial decision. These devices are designed to operate optimally with minimal energy consumption. They provide long-term benefits by preventing common damages caused by excess moisture, saving you both time and money.

  3. Optimal Restoration Assistance – Dehumidifiers with superior features and specifications offer excellent performance, making them invaluable for heavy water damage restoration projects. They are portable, durable, and reliable tools for restoration professionals.

  4. Protection of Properties Against Damage – By creating a favorable breathing atmosphere, dehumidifiers prevent harmful microorganisms from thriving and damaging your belongings. You can say goodbye to moldy clothes, damaged electrical wiring, and other issues caused by excess moisture.

  5. Prioritized Safety Due to Prevention of Structural Issues – A dehumidifier helps prevent excess moisture from weakening your home's structure and foundation, significantly reducing the risk of accidents and structural damage.

  6. Conducive Work Environment for Higher Productivity – Clean and safe ventilation provided by a dehumidifier positively affects workplaces. Employees can enjoy an optimal breathing atmosphere, leading to increased productivity and motivation.

Whether you're a homeowner or a business enthusiast, investing in a dehumidifier will bring these benefits into your daily life, ensuring a healthier, safer, and more productive environment.


Key Design Features

  • SLGR Technology – The dehumidifier incorporates advanced SLGR (Super Low Grain Refrigerant) technology, ensuring efficient moisture extraction and precise humidity control.

  • Convenient Storage for Cable and Drain Tube – The design includes convenient storage compartments for the cable and drain tube, keeping them organized and easily accessible when needed.

  • Condensate Pump – Equipped with a heavy-duty condensate pump, the dehumidifier can effectively remove collected water. The pump has a lifting distance of 14.7 feet, providing the flexibility to drain water anywhere.

  • Epoxy Powder Coating for Corrosion Protection – The dehumidifier features an epoxy powder coating that provides effective protection against corrosion, ensuring its durability and longevity.

  • Quick Access to Internal Service – The design includes quick access points for easy servicing and maintenance of the internal components, simplifying the upkeep of the dehumidifier.

  • Quick Connector for Drain Tube and Cable – The dehumidifier is designed with quick connectors for the drain tube and cable, enabling convenient and secure connections.

  • More Capacity, Less Power Consumption – With increased capacity, the dehumidifier can effectively remove moisture from the air while optimizing power consumption, resulting in energy efficiency.

  • MERV-1 Filter, MERV-10 Filter, and Cold Catalyst – The dehumidifier comes equipped with both MERV-1 and MERV-10 filters. The high-density MERV-10 filter protects internal components from dust and particles, ensuring efficient operation and long-term use. Regular cleaning of the filter is recommended every 2-3 months for optimal performance.

Please note that the mentioned drain height is 14.7 feet, and the drain pipe length is 19.6 feet.



Specification Value
Power 115 V/60 Hz
Size For Up to 3,800 Sq.Ft
Filter MERV-10, MERV-1
Airflow 440 CFM, 680 CMH
Sound Pressure Level <60 dBA
Refrigerant R410A
Wheels Large 8" Wheel
Draining Condensate Pump
Functioning Temperature Range 33.8~110℉
Functioning Humidity Range 36~90%
Capacity (80 F-60%) 140 PPD
COP 2.75 L/kWh
Weight 114.6 lbs (52 kg)
Dim (L×W×H) 33.9" ×18.1" ×19.3"
Loading Quantity 20'': 80 Sets ; 40'': 96 Sets ; 40''HQ : 96 Sets


AlorAir Sentinel SLGR 1400X Commercial-Grade Dehumidifier
Remarkably passing through the most meticulous quality tests, the AlorAir Sentinel SLGR 1400X Commercial-Grade Dehumidifier, is one of the most sought-after commercial-grade dehumidifiers in the cleaning and restoration industry. While it is suitable for both residential and commercial purposes, much more experts have been purchasing this unit for their own businesses. It is user-friendly, cost-effective, and remarkably durable.

With its ergonomic design that eases its ability for frequent transportation and usage, its sturdy housing that expertly protects its internal components, and its overall caliber, the AlorAir Storm Ultra LGR Commercial-Grade Dehumidifier has been one of the top choices for various applications such as:

· Flood restoration
· Furniture Drying
· Carpet Drying
· Laundry Drying
· Painting Projects
· Humidity Control for : Garages/Warehouses/Basements/Crawl Spaces/Shops/Restaurants/Bars/Museums/Sports Hall/Computer Rooms/Computer Rooms/Computer Rooms/Cellars/Offices/Laboratories/Food Storage

Proper Use and Maintenance
Every dehumidifier needs proper usage and maintenance to support its long-lasting capability. Here are some safety tips for using and maintaining it:
· Before using it, keep it steady in an upright position for about 30 minutes to allow the refrigerant and other internal components to settle
· If the unit is newly delivered, let it settle for about 12 hours before using it
· Make sure that your desired area is well-sealed by either shutting all windows, vents , or using other barriers
· It must be connected to a grounded electric source to avoid accidents and damage
· Make sure you have the right power supply to avoid electrical issues
· It is not suggestible to use an extension cord as well as a power adaptor
· Use the control panel or remote to set your desired level of humidity
· The surface in which it is set to operate must be leveled and steady
· Do not position the discharge and inlet onto a wall
· Never tamper with the internal components while the unit is running
· Always maintain a 6ft. distance from any form of obstruction
· Avoid deploying it in areas with a high amount of corrosive materials
· Make sure to properly unplug it before deploying it to another area
· Never leave it plugged when not in use
· When cleaning, use a damp cloth dipped in mild soap solution in wiping its exterior
· Remember to check the inlet and outlet for any blockages
· Annually check up the coils for maintenance
· You may use a foaming coil cleaner for cleaning the coils
· Confirm that the cords are cleaned from any debris and are properly wrapped and secured for storage
· Make sure to properly dry it before storing
· If the unit gets flooded, make sure you completely let it dry by carefully opening it before attempting to reconnect it
· Seek professional help for other complex issues
· Never use the unit as a support or stepping stool when reaching high items

Make sure to read the manual and all other guides before using your dehumidifier, or any product for that matter. It is always better to be equipped with all essential information beforehand to reduce the risk of accidents and mishaps.

For whatever cleaning and restoration need you have at hand, or preparing for in the future, we can surely provide you with the equipment that is most suitable for you. Here at AlorAir, we take pride in providing only the best that this industry can offer.

How the Alorair Storm Elite works
Alorair Storm Elite is fitted with a humidity level sensing device called a humidistat. The purpose of the feature is to automatically detect when your space needs drying. Once the air conditions fall outside the specs set on the humidistat, the machine automatically draws air across the evaporator coils. The coil cools the air and condenses it into a liquid form. In a continuous process, the air is passed over a dry and hot coil before it is pumped back into the space around the room.

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