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EBAC AM2000 High Capacity Air Mover - 1,060 CFM

EBAC AM2000 High Capacity Air Mover - 1,060 CFM

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EBAC AM2000 High Capacity Air Mover: Effective Flood Restoration Drying Equipment

When faced with water damage, whether it's a basement flood or an office incident, prompt restoration is crucial to safeguard your health from harmful microorganisms, mold, and bacteria. EIPL (EBAC), a recognized global supplier of flood restoration drying equipment, offers a wide range of dehumidifiers and air movers designed to remove water and assist with drying areas after water damage. With this equipment, you can effectively restore the damaged area, preventing further harm and ensuring a safe environment.

EBAC's AM200 Air Mover:

Introducing the AM2000 Air Mover, the latest addition to EIPL's Rotational Moulded Polyethylene Housings. With a super durable housing and backed by EIPL's years of experience in air moving equipment, the AM2000 not only boasts an impressive appearance but also outperforms competitor models. Featuring four operating positions, three speeds, and a powerful 1/2hp motor with a high-capacity fan, the AM2000 delivers exceptional airflow, making it one of the most versatile air movers available today. Its robust ridged handle serves as a cable wrap and enables convenient stacking, reducing storage space requirements.

Product Benefits:

  • Easy Setup: Select the desired operating angle (0°, 15°, 45°, or 90°) and dial in the preferred speed setting
  • Efficient Air Ducting: Low profile outlet snout allows for air ducting under carpets, effectively targeting heavily affected areas
  • Versatile Usage: Ideal for fast and professional drying of floors, walls, ceilings, carpets, and furnishings during water damage restoration and renovation
  • Enhanced Performance: By improving airflow, the AM2000 accelerates evaporation, reducing overall drying times

With the AM2000 Air Mover, you can save valuable time and money while ensuring attention to detail in your drying process. Its low profile outlet snout enables immediate ducting of air under carpets, effectively addressing crucial areas following a flood. Experience the proven performance of the AM2000, where increased evaporation rates and high air volume make it the ideal choice for purchasing drying equipment.


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