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Enlighten Sauna

Enlighten SAPPHIRE/DIAMOND 4 Person Hybrid Sauna

Enlighten SAPPHIRE/DIAMOND 4 Person Hybrid Sauna

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This hybrid sauna is spacious enough to seat four people and as a hybrid sauna, it uses both electric heaters and infrared heaters. This combination offers an effective way to raise body temperature to have the desired effect. Infra-red heaters penetrate through the skin deep into the body and traditional electric heaters warm the air around you. Harvia electric heaters in particular are designed specifically for sauna use.

Saunas bring a lot of health benefits to those using them regularly. Besides being good for long-term health, saunas such as these bring about better quality sleep and improve mood. Saunas even help against depression.  

This comfortable hybrid sauna will be perfect for repeat use for groups of up to four people.

Choose between sloped and peak roof for this sauna type.

  • Double Roof ( Flat Roof + Outdoor Roof With Asphalt Shingles, Choose Peak Or Slope Design)
  • Insulation
  • Real Western Canadian Red Cedar Wood Outside And Inside
  • Very Responsive Full Spectrum Heaters
  • Harvia Heater


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