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HEPACART SmartClean UV Ceiling/Wall Module

HEPACART SmartClean UV Ceiling/Wall Module

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HEPACART SmartClean's UV-FORCE Safe Technology:

  • SmartClean's UV-FORCE technology utilizes a mercury-free, far-UVC lamp that delivers 100 Millijoules (mJ) of disinfecting power.
  • The technology destroys the chemical bonds of pathogens, including coronavirus, C-diff, measles, staph, tuberculosis, and more, rendering them noninfectious.
  • Each SmartClean unit achieves 100% output in less than a second, providing rapid and effective surface disinfection.
  • The automatic and reliable disinfection occurs during standard 8-hour cleaning cycles, ensuring thorough coverage.

Safe and Germicidal Far-UVC Light:

  • SmartClean's 222 nanometer (nm), far-UVC light is germicidal like other bands in the UV light spectrum.
  • Unlike other UV light bands, the far-UVC light used in SmartClean units is scientifically proven to be safe for humans.
  • While far-UVC light is not harmful to humans, SmartClean units are programmed for disinfection in occupiable but unoccupied spaces.
  • Motion-sensing controls are included to automatically deactivate the lamp when motion is detected, ensuring safety at all times.

Flexible Mounting Options:

  • With the addition of brackets, the SmartClean unit can be easily mounted to any ceiling or wall surface or other infection control equipment.
  • This flexibility allows for optimal placement and integration into existing spaces, enhancing disinfection capabilities.



  • Size: 6”L x 9”W x 3”H
  • Weight: 10 lbs


    • 3,000-hour far-UVC lamp
    • 100 mJ of disinfecting power
    • Continuous automatic disinfection
    • Motion-sensing controls
    • Mountable to any ceiling or wall

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