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MistBuster 2000 Electrostatic Mist and Smoke Collector- 1,650 CFM

MistBuster 2000 Electrostatic Mist and Smoke Collector- 1,650 CFM

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Electrical Specifications

Model MistBuster® 2000 by Air Quality Engineering Features & Benefits

High efficiency mist & smoke collector:

MistBuster is the best value for a compact, energy efficient, reliable mist collection solution.

  • High efficiency air filtration through the use of industrial grade electronic cells designed for low static pressure with ultimate efficiency up to 99.6% on all submicron particles, as measured by an independent lab test in accordance with ASHRAE standard 52.2 at 1,000 CFM.
  • Reliable operation based on in-depth knowledge of air filtration design, all electrical components are in a sealed compartment, isolated from the air stream and added to our patented AQE Advantage cell to reduce maintenance.
  • Versatile design through a patented coolant selector switch, the MistBuster electronic line of air cleaners can handle the electronic requirements of water based or oil based coolant collection that cause other air cleaners to fail.
  • Ease of installation through direct machine mount, ceiling mount, wall mount, or floor mount via a pedestal stand.
  • Comprehensive solutions for a wide range of machining operations designed for single to multiple machine tool applications using electronic precipitation and for applications requiring it – media and odor control based systems.
  • Compact, energy efficient design drawing as little as 1 amp under full load, and as small in size as a household microwave.


  • Captures mist and smoke from CNC machining, EDM, and Laser Marking/Engraving (excluding Cast Iron)
  • Designed for Manufacturing Facilities with CNC Machines

Air Quality Engineering stands behind the quality of the MistBuster with a limited 36 month warranty.

Product Sheet

Product Specifications

AIRFLOW Variable to 1650 cfm
PRIMARY FILTER Electrostatic
CABINET 16 gauge steel cabinet with powder coated chemical resistant baked enamel, available in ivory or gray textured finish
POWER INPUT 115 Vac, 60 Hz, 1 ph, 8.2 amps
240 Vac, 60 Hz, 1ph, 4.1 amps
EFFICIENCY Ultimate efficiency up to 99.6% on all submicron particles as measured by independent lab test in accordance with ASHRAE standard 52.2 at 1000 CFM.
FILTRATION STAGES 1st Stage 4″ aluminum mesh impinger
2nd Stage Two AQE Advantage™ electronic cells (long life)
3rd Stage Two MistBuster electronic cells (high efficiency)
4th Stage Two optional MistBuster electronic cells (high efficiency)
5th Stage Optional HEPA filter 99.97% efficiency, or ESF filter
  • Two energy-efficient, self-regulating, dual-voltage, solid-state power supplies
  • Patented water/oil coolant selector for a wider range of application compatibility
  • Patented electronic cell design that helps decrease service intervals
  • ErP-compliant, backward-curved, vibration-free, direct drive motorized impeller rated at 850 CFM @ 1.1″ w.g. provides energy-efficient operation and increased performance to save on operating costs while performing well with increased airflow resistance from post filter or long duct lengths
  • Ten-foot power cord with molded plug
  • Quick-release, quarter-turn fasteners for fast, easy side-panel electrical compartment access reduces service and repair time
  • Door and gasket profile increases door-to-seal contact to prevent leakage and pooling of coolant inside of door
  • Door-latch spacers prevent over-compression of the gasket and increase gasket life
DIMENSIONS Cabinet 25.98″ L x 26.56″ W x 27.49″ H
INLET OPENING 16″ x 20.75″
WEIGHT 203 lbs. installed
230 lbs. shipping
ACCESSORIES Machine Mount Stand | Pedestal Stand
Ceiling Mount Kit | Wall Mount Kit | Plenum
Diffuser | HEPA Post filter | ESF Post filter

MistBuster Series Brochure

The MistBuster® family of products is designed for the control and filtration of smoke, oil and coolant mist generated in CNC machining applications. The MistBuster® brand, manufactured by Air Quality Engineering, Inc. ( has been an innovative product in the air filtration industry. Its multi-patented design provides superior performance in a cost competitive, compact and flexible package. The MistBuster® mist collector has been refined over many years of field experience culminating in its Next Generation design that features a decrease in its physical size, while improving its filtration efficiency, lengthening the time between electronic collector cell service and increasing the reliability of all components. 

The MistBuster® features a variable speed motor control allowing the user to dial in the MistBuster® to the minimum required airflow for your machine tool cavity. This results in maximized energy efficiency filter life reducing maintenance.

Air Quality Engineering, Inc. investment in metallurgy research resulted in the creation of a state of the art ionization wire alloy that minimizes breakage and still achieves excellent ionization. This proprietary alloy and design has greatly reduced the need to replace ionization wires.

The MistBuster® product has been carefully designed to minimize vibration. Dynamically balanced impellers mounted on rubber isolation mounts mitigates the possibility of transmitting vibration to your machine tool, protecting the integrity of your precision tolerances.

The next generation of MistBuster® electrostatic units utilize patented "floating contact" design and "air breaks" on contact boards to provide a more robust solution to the problem of short circuits due to coolant tracking. This means more up-time and less maintenance.

MistBuster® patented coolant selector switch easily adjusts the high-voltage used with its collector cells to compensate for varying dielectric qualities of coolants and oils.

Next Generation MistBuster® is designed to protect the electrical components - all electrical components are completely removed from the air stream and are completely isolated in a separate compartment to prevent fouling from dirty air. Easy access is gained to electrical components in mere seconds via quick turn fasteners, eliminating the need to remove dozens of screws.

The MistBuster® family of air filtration products includes both disposable media systems as well as electrostatic precipitators. The MistBuster® product line has expanded to include centralized media systems for those who prefer a larger, central system that can be ducted to multiple machine tools, or to handle those larger machine tools that are not well enclosed.

With a variety of mounting options, model sizes and available configurations, there is sure to be a MistBuster® solution that will meet your specific requirements.



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