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Novatek Novair 2000-BIO Air Scrubber/Negative Air Machine - 2000 CFM

Novatek Novair 2000-BIO Air Scrubber/Negative Air Machine - 2000 CFM

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Novair 2000-BIO: The Perfect Negative Air Machine for Effective Air Filtration:

The Novair 2000-BIO HEPA Negative Air Machine is a versatile and powerful solution designed to meet worldwide standards for air filtration. This air filtration unit is specifically engineered for various applications such as abatement (e.g., asbestos and mold), remediation (e.g., biohazard and hospital use), and fire & water restoration projects across the globe. It offers customizable features and color options to suit your specific needs and country standards. Whether it's for hospitals, air scrubbing, or anywhere dust is a concern, this portable air filtration system is a reliable choice. Additionally, it is available in different power sources (110v-230v 50/60Hz) and filter configurations.

Key Features:

  • True 2000 cubic feet per minute airflow with filters in place.
  • Powerful 2.0 HP motor for efficient operation.
  • Horizontal configuration for easy setup and use.
  • Uses industry-standard 24x24x11.5 HEPA filters.
  • Compatible with both HEPA filters and nuisance dust filters.
  • Seamless and dent-proof polyethylene shell for durability.
  • 2-speed configuration for flexibility.
  • Integrated molded carrying handles for portability.
  • Caster nest for stacking multiple units.
  • Integrated rib for strapping to secure the unit.

Key Benefits:

  • Move the same air with fewer machines, optimizing efficiency.
  • Pulls particulates deeper into the filters, extending filter life and saving money on replacement filters.
  • Light and compact design, allowing it to fit through standard doorways with ease.
  • Replacement filters readily available for convenient maintenance.
  • Filters available for medical, hazardous material, or nuisance dust filtration.
  • Dent-proof and leak-proof polyethylene construction, providing a lightweight yet durable solution.
  • Easy to decontaminate or clean for hassle-free maintenance.

In various situations and projects, the Novair 2000-BIO HEPA Negative Air Machine proves to be an indispensable tool. Whether you're involved in natural disaster cleanup, construction, asbestos or mold removal, this reliable and robust air filtration system will effectively remove harmful contaminants from the air while delivering cost savings on filter replacements. Experience its durability and performance in our product demonstration video.


Control Panel

F2222 – 230v Control Panel:

F2222 – 230v Control Panel


Diagram & Schematics

Novair 2000-BIO Wiring Diagram:

Novair 2000-Bio wiring diagram

Parts Diagram:


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