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SMOKEMASTER® C-12 Self-Contained Air Cleaning System by Air Quality Engineering - 1250 CFM

SMOKEMASTER® C-12 Self-Contained Air Cleaning System by Air Quality Engineering - 1250 CFM

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SMOKEMASTER C-12 by Air Quality Engineering, Perfect for Lounges & Bars

The Smokemaster C-12 presents an excellent electronic air cleaning solution designed for solid ceiling mounting, effectively capturing both particulate and gaseous pollutants, particularly those stemming from cigarette smoke. It stands out as an exceptional choice for eliminating odors, tobacco smoke, pollen, dust, vapors, and various other irritants. Employing high-efficiency electrostatic cells, the Smokemaster C-12 obviates the need for additional air filters. Crafted with user convenience in focus, its 3-speed fan quietly and efficiently purifies spaces through the Coanda airflow pattern. Secure your Smokemaster C-12 today.

Our equipment distinguishes itself with top-tier components such as steel cabinets, eschewing plastic alternatives, and industrial cells instead of residential ones. These components are drawn from our industrial product line, renowned for applications like welding smoke and CNC machining. 

Don't miss the opportunity to explore the manifold benefits and specifications of the Smokemaster C-12 electronic air cleaner provided below.

Features & Benefits

Efficient Air Cleaning Solutions for Various Environments

When it comes to addressing air quality, whether in a laboratory, light manufacturing setting, or even a cigar bar, the need for a highly efficient air cleaning solution is paramount. Instead of investing in costly exhaust systems, the Smokemaster C-12 offers an affordable, low-maintenance way to achieve clean air.

The Smokemaster C-12 Advantage

The Smokemaster C-12 stands out by providing:

  • Rugged Steel Construction: Ensuring long-lasting unit durability.
  • Industrial-Grade Electronic Cells: Built to endure and perform.
  • Coanda Aerodynamic Principle: A unique 4-way air recirculation method that maximizes air purification.
  • Permanently Washable Cells: Environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

The Ultimate Indoor Air Quality Solution

The Smokemaster C-12 air cleaner is THE solution for superior indoor air quality. Its innovative design and features make it a standout choice.

Key Feature: The Coanda Aerodynamic Principle

The Coanda Aerodynamic Principle, a multidirectional air pattern, defines Smokemaster's effectiveness.

  • Four-Way Air Recirculation: Maximizes the intake of contaminated air, enhancing purification.
  • Electrostatic Precipitation: Efficiently collects airborne particles using primary washable cells.
  • High Efficiency, Low Maintenance: Achieve superior air quality while saving on upkeep.

Small but Mighty

The Smokemaster electronic air cleaner efficiently captures even minuscule particles, such as smoke, dust, and dirt, at an impressive scale.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

  • Installation: Easily ceiling or wall-mounted, plug into a 120V outlet, positioned closest to contaminants for optimal results.
  • Maintenance: Aluminum pre-filters and cells can be cleaned by soaking in a wash container. Frequency depends on the area's contaminant density.

Make the Smokemaster C-12 your go-to solution for cleaner, healthier indoor air quality


Feature Details
Coverage Up to 1,000 sq. ft.
3-Speed Airflow Low - 800 CFM | Medium - 1,050 CFM | High - 1,250 CFM
Dimensions 25" L x 25" W x 11 1/2" H
Installation Ceiling mount or wall mount (does not include mounting hardware)
Cabinet Galvanized steel construction with powder coat finish - Black or Ivory
Installed Weight 69 lbs
Shipping Weight 79 lbs
Power Consumption Low - 220W, 2.4A | Medium - 250W, 2.7A | High - 300W, 3.3A
Voltage Required 120 VAC | 60 Hz
Sound Level db(A) Low - 58 | Medium - 65 | High - 69
3-Filter System Pre-Filter - Aluminum mesh
Optional - Heavy-duty Pre-Filter
Electronic Cells - 105.80 sq. ft.
Optional - Carbon Post Filters
Efficiency Up to 99.8% at 1,000 CFM airflow per ASHRAE
Warranty 1-Year Limited Warranty

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