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XPOWER A-12 Professional Car Dryer Blower with 2 Heat Settings and Mobile Dock with Caster Wheels

XPOWER A-12 Professional Car Dryer Blower with 2 Heat Settings and Mobile Dock with Caster Wheels

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Professional Car Dryer Whether you’re a professional car detailer or a person that appreciates washing and taking care of your own sweet ride, we all know the drying process is one of the most important aspects of paint care. Introducing the XPOWER A-12 Professional Car Dryer Blower, a powerful and compact mobile solution to automobile drying. Powered by a 4.5 HP single motor setup that blasts 220 CFM of airflow for a touch-free drying solution. A-12 car dryer also utilizes a built-in heating element for 2 heat settings for heated air flow. You can control the speed with a variable control knob to dial in the amount of airflow needed. Getting in all the crevices between body panels, window seals, side view mirrors, and between rain channels of your trunk or hood has never been easier with the A-12 blower. Included in the kit is a mobile dock with lockable caster wheels for easy handling. A flexible self-expanding 16 ft. hose with 2 different attachment nozzles (cone and flat). Rated at 12 Amps with a 10 ft. power cord.

Powerful air flow for fast and convenient automobile and motorcycle drying and detailing Mobile dock includes four durable smooth wheels for easy hands-free movement and lockable casters Can be removed from mobile dock for easy handling handheld mode or wall mountable with optional wall mount kit 4.5 HP single motor setup with 2 heat settings; rated at 12 Amps 220 CFM rated airflow with a variable speed control knob Precision manufactured with durable ABS plastic for a strong and precise finish Re-useable/washable intake filters; easy to clean and maintain Flexible hose and heat hand guard; self-expanding 16 Ft. hose 2 different nozzle attachments included (flat and cone) 10 Ft. power cord with wrap-around cord design Dual thermal protection - Manufacturer's 1 Year Limited Warranty ETL/CETL

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