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XPOWER A-5 Multi-Use Powered Air Duster, Dryer, Pump, Blower

XPOWER A-5 Multi-Use Powered Air Duster, Dryer, Pump, Blower

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Multipurpose Powered Air Duster "The XPOWER A-5 Multi-Use Powered Air Duster is your new partner in maximizing efficiency in cleaning, detailing, and drying applications. Made from durable ABS plastic, the safety certified A-5 weighs less than 5 lbs and comes with 4 nozzle attachments to help complete jobs that require a specific type of air movement with ease. Unleash the powerful 2 HP motor with 2 different speed settings to quickly dust around the home, service electrical equipment, vacuum, and to achieve that professional finish in automobile drying and detailing.


2-IN-1 function: Doubles as a mini vacuum to pick up dust or small debris from car interiors, pet areas, around the house, etc. Powerful 2 HP motor with 2 speed settings to dust off keyboard, laptop, computer, pc, desktop, and many more applications Unlike canned air dusters, free of fluorocarbons or dangerous inhalants/propellants Lightweight, compact and durable ABS plastic (same as football helmets) housing design Unique washable 3-filter system keeps the machines running clean and efficiently Comes with one 5′ long x 1.1″ diameter flex air hose and 4 nozzle attachments Convenient Grab-N-Go handle and wrap-around cord design Low 8 Amps draw with 100 CFM airflow capacity Thermal protection and ETL/CETL safety certified

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